Unique apparel and accessories that are made in America. We are passionate about seeking talented, local designers.

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Purple lips, blue eyeliner and some funky geometric earrings.

Mommy of five making it look effortless in our Lily Black Chambray tank.

Our Eva Franco black peplum top with cobalt blue denim from Prairie Underground on one of my favorite moms.


We’ve got you covered for the best unique Valentine’s Day gifts that will rock your socks off and show your loved one how wonderful you truly think they are. This Valentine’s Day show some love to your local designers and small businesses. We have hand picked some incredible, fool-proof gifts that are fit for every type of special person in your life.  

BOHO CHIC: One of the newest designs from one of the most creative new jewelry designers. Different mediums create the Phoenix which represents rebirth. A perfect way to symbolize a love that is awakened and strengthened each and every day. http://www.rileyandcoco.com/Delusions-of-Grandeur-Phoenix-Necklace-p/dg-phoenix.htm 

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: For the woman who stole your heart with her loving, outgoing personality. Now it is your turn to light her fire and blow her mind with this bold, bright one-of-a-kind statement piece. http://www.rileyandcoco.com/product-p/ds-venus.htm

MINIMALISTIC CHARMER: In love and life it is the simple things that make the most fearless statements.The rectangular cutout turns these triangles from classic to daring with a hint of sexiness. http://www.rileyandcoco.com/Delusions-of-Grandeur-Meta-Pylon-Studs-in-Bronze-p/dg-pylonstudsbr.htm

FENG SHUI QUEEN: These air plant terrariums add a splash of color and zen to any home or office. Plus all plants come from local growers in LA.(This makes us very happy.) http://www.urbananonymous.com

SPIRITUAL SEEKER: The amethyst stone is known for bringing peace, calmness, and balance. Nothing is as sweet as giving a gift that will bring your girl some good vibes with this hand-crafted cuff. http://www.rileyandcoco.com/product-p/ds-amcuff.htm

THE FOODIE: Your foodie will go to food heaven with these delectable and scrumptious spins on the original nut brittle with flavors like Rosemary Almond and Curry. Also you can create printable festive stickers from gopopcandy.com to add your gift. http://www.gopopcandy.com/shop

Handcrafted using the finest stones, rose gold-filled wire and black leather cord. This is THE statement piece. It is bold. It is feminine. It is cosmic.

Delightfully perfect colors for Valentine’s Day!

Shop local, shop small. The sale continues for Small Business Saturday. Shop up to 50% off and always free shipping on orders over $100. 

We are getting ready for a delicious feast and our Holiday sales which start 11/29 at midnight & end on 12/2. Don’t miss out!

Interested in what goes on behind the scenes here at R & C? Check out our video of our recent Fall photo shoot.